Supporting Patients, Physicians, and the Healthcare Community

Satellite Healthcare remains open to provide dialysis care to patients, including COVID-19 PUI/positive patients who are medically stable.
As the number of COVID-19 PUI/positive patients increases, Satellite Healthcare is working to ensure each patient receives safe, effective treatment while minimizing COVID-19 exposure for all patients and staff.
Daily Wellness Check: Patient Screening and Assessment

When possible, patients are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms by phone before coming to their appointment. If symptoms are reported, the patient’s physician is contacted, either by the patient or center staff.

Following CDC and local Public Health Agency guidelines, each person entering our center is given a mask to wear and is screened by a staff member for COVID-19 symptoms. Those without symptoms proceed with their appointment.

Patients reporting/displaying symptoms are assessed by a nurse in full PPE, who takes a temperature reading. As needed, the patient’s physician is contacted for next steps while the patient waits in a dedicated waiting area away from others.

Non patients, including staff members who report/display symptoms, are asked to leave the facility. Our staff has been instructed to contact their managers before coming to work if they have a new onset of fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

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A message to our care providers from Satellite Healthcare Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brigitte Schiller

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19:
  • Only essential people are allowed onto the treatment floor. Non-essential visitors are defined as those who are not required to provide safe dialysis care.
  • Those entering the treatment area must be COVID-19 screened, masked, and gowned.
  • Patients should limit the time they spend in the lobby and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from someone else whenever possible.
  • Family, caregivers and others are asked to stay outside the center at all times unless there is an important need to enter. Fewer people in the lobby helps patients who are required to be there to have added space between them and others.
Caring for Center Hemodialysis Patients Who are COVID-19 PUI/positive

Satellite Healthcare center hemodialysis patients who are COVID-19 PUI or have tested COVID-19  positive receive treatment in one of the following ways:

  • In the ISO room of the patient’s regular center or another nearby, when possible.
  • On a dedicated PUI shift or dedicated COVID-19 positive shift.
  • In a dedicated PUI center or dedicated COVID-19 positive center.

As patients test positive or become a PUI, they are directed to an appropriate location for treatment by our operation teams. When needed, our center team provides any available transportation resources to help patients get to their new treatment location.

Enhanced Center Cleaning

Caring for Center Hemodialysis Patients Who are COVID-19 PUI/positive

Centers which have treated a patient who tested COVID-19 positive have several additional deep cleaning measures on top of routine daily cleaning:

  • Patient bathrooms, including call button and support bars will be cleaned and disinfected before each patient shift.
  • Additional cleaning and disinfection before each patient shift will occur on any hard surfaces in the treatment area and lobby.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff caring for patients are equipped with evidence-based PPE per CDC guidelines. Those caring for COVID-19 positive patients also wear fitted N95 masks. The CDC’s guidelines continue to evolve.  For the most current guidance on PPE use within our clinics, access the CDC’s Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings.

Telehealth for Nephrologist Rounding

Telehealth is supported between home dialysis (HHD/PD) patients and their referring nephrologist. We are actively exploring expanding telehealth to all dialysis patients and their referring nephrologists.

Hospital Discharge Planning

Satellite Healthcare asks hospital discharge planners to please follow these guidelines to safely and efficiently readmit patients when they’re ready to return to dialysis centers.

Dialysis Provider Coalition

Satellite Healthcare has joined with other dialysis providers to create and share a nationwide network of clinics that will focus on serving patients with COVID-19. This was done as a way to help safeguard caregivers, conserve personal protective gear and other supplies, and free up resources at hospitals. Temporary patient transfer requests should be made directly between patient services staff of the participating dialysis organizations. 

COVID-19 Testing

Satellite Healthcare is able to perform a limited number of COVID-19 tests for Satellite Healthcare PUI patients and staff. For more information, contact your center’s Medical Director.  Health plans are making the COVID-19 testing of health care workers a priority.  Please contact your health plan to see if you presently have access to the test through your plan.